We Believe in Pain is a an examination of invisible illnesses and an opportunity to confront the stigma of disability in its less obvious forms.

It’s also an ambiguous statement, but in a good way. Those who strive to believe in the pain of others are welcome here, as are those who strive to believe in others even when they themselves are in pain.

Which means that it is also a mission statement, a reminder that despite our different perspectives we can still unite to strengthen the impact of that declaration: we believe in pain.


About Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a chronic disease characterised by widespread pain and oversensitivity to stimuli that are normally not painful. Other symptoms can include sleep problems, numbness, stiffness, concentration and memory difficulties, bowel problems, depression and anxiety.  It affects at least 2% of the population.

It is also an invisible illness because these symptoms cannot be seen and most sufferers appear to be healthy. Other invisible illnesses include all types of chronic pain, insomnia and chronic fatigue, digestive and neurological disorders as well as mental illnesses.


About the Author

We Believe in Pain is written by Jason, one of the millions of people around you who suffer from an invisible illness. In his spare time, he is not so different from the billions of people who do not.

He thanks you for your time and attention, and offers you more of his own in return should you choose to leave a comment.